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Dave Buerger Ghostwriter

Content for Hi-Tech Sales & Marketing


Content for Hi-Tech Sales & Marketing



I'm a professional ghostwriter who creates compelling content for hi-tech sales & marketing. I bring you more than 20 years of writing effective copy for dozens of companies and industry trade associations.

Typical projects include case studies, e-books, executive blogs, white papers, guides, brochures, direct response email and landing pages, custom documents, video scripts and web copy. Topics such as AI/machine learning, IoT, security and compliance have addressed audiences such as enterprise, government and education.

How about writing for your company? As a bonus, you will get the benefit of my other experience as editor in chief of tech trade publications - and an IT manager!


"Dave is an awesome writer – his prose is tight, well-researched and fun at the same time. He knows how to keep a reader by helping us focus on what our target audience cares about. The resulting content is strategic, compelling and air tight."

Julie matoon / senior marketing manager / American Tower Corporation



Ghostwriter - Created quality marketing content for dozens of hi-tech companies and industry trade associations.

Columnist - Wrote hundreds of weekly and bi-weekly featured opinion columns in InfoWorld, Network World, Communications Week and LAN Times, and won First Place in the New York Business Editors Journalism Awards for "Editorial/Opinion" writing.

Journalist - an executive editor at InfoWorld where I ran the test center and networking coverage. Editor in chief of LAN Times, and editorial director of NetWare Technical Journal and Selling Red. Editor in chief of Communications Week. While at InfoWorld, won "Best Software Review" award from the Computer Press Association. While editor in chief, both publications won runner-up for the Computer Press Association's "Best Computer Newspaper circulation over 100,000" award.

IT Manager - Managed maiden deployment of personal computing technology at Santa Clara University, including 1,000 PCs and multiple networks.


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