Content for Hi-Tech Marketing & Selling

Start with someone in your company


no one knows your product or service better than you!

Every piece of content should start with an internal expert who outlines what should be said. How will the writer know unless you specify content? There is great value when internal experts also take a stab at writing the introduction because this helps you to think about a concrete direction for content and format. 

But simply listing who, what, when, where and how isn't enough to propel the marketing and selling process. Information must be articulated and presented in a manner appropriate for specific audiences. 

This is when being too close to the subject can turn into a liability when writing content for outsiders. Some insider-created content is is great - there are talented writers everywhere. A lot of it is simply OK; like fast food, it briefly satisfies hunger but doesn't always nourish the prospect or sale. And far too often, content that's produced 100 percent by insiders risks being mediocre, created-by-committee containers for everything and the kitchen sink. Ouch!

Sound familiar? The only guarantee of content like that is that it will go straight into the trash bin.


Then my role begins


I'm a specialist who excels at one thing: ghostwriting

I turn your draft ideas into powerful, persuasive content that boosts the odds of getting read - and producing results. That's why you should use me!

Some of you may use outside writers, often from the public relations or advertising agency. That could be OK, but how often is writing done by a junior person in the back room instead of getting the undivided attention of the VP who sold you the agency relationship?

When you work with me, I do the background interviews, tune your outline, write all the copy, and polish every word. I'm an agency of one because nothing creates better content than an expert writer directly working with your internal experts.

Experience counts. Give me a call to discuss your next writing project. Let's go to work!


Typical Projects


Thought Leadership

White paper


Executive blog

Contributed article

Speech or Congressional testimony



Guide (simple white paper)

Customer case study


Script for video

Powerpoint presentation

Solution flipsheet

Co-marketing collateral with partners

Website content


Lead Generation

Web advertising copy


Landing page

Repurpose existing collateral


(Call me and learn how I can go to work for you!)